[[t]ˈfi tʃər[/t]] n. v. -tured, -tur•ing, adj.
1) a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic:
The best feature of the house is the sun porch[/ex]
2) something offered as a special or main attraction
3) sbz Also called fea′ture film′. the main motion picture in a movie program
4) any part of the face, as the nose, chin, or eyes
5) features, the face; countenance
6) the form or cast of the face:
delicate of feature[/ex]
7) a column, cartoon, etc., appearing regularly in a newspaper or magazine
8) jou
feature story
9) cvb sbz to make a feature of; give prominence to
10) sbz to have or present (a performer) in a lead role or a prominent supporting role
11) to be a feature or distinctive mark of
12) to delineate the main characteristics of; depict
13) inf inf to conceive of; imagine; fancy
14) sts Chiefly Dial. to resemble in features; favor
15) cvb to play a major part
16) being or offered as a highlight; featured:
the feature attraction at the fair[/ex]
Etymology: 1350–1400; ME feture < AF, MF faiture < L factūra making. See fact fea′ture•less, adj. syn: feature, characteristic, peculiarity refer to a distinctive trait of an individual or of a class. feature suggests an outstanding or marked property that attracts attention: A large art exhibit was a feature of the convention. characteristic means a distinguishing mark or quality always associated in one's mind with a particular person or thing: A fine sense of humor is one of his characteristics. peculiarity means a distinctive and often unusual property exclusive to one individual, group, or thing: A blue-black tongue is a peculiarity of the chow chow.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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